Satit Pattana Secondary School

Satit Pattana Secondary School is a Thai school with Cambridge International School Standard. We focus on Individual Development Plan, that will help students discover their potential and ability, and the 21st century skill set that goes along with OnDemand academic curriculum under the supervision of Learn Corporation, the leading EdTech organization. Students will have the freedom to choose the courses they are interested in – leading them to succeed in their future career and become the global citizen.

The students at Satit Pattana Secondary School will be fully educated by OnDemand’s curriculum and staff meaning that they do not need extra academic preparation or tutoring. This will allow students to have more free time and better emotional experience.

The 5 Fs curriculum

Discover your true self through learning activities. Develop your academic potential and ability. Follow your dream and happiness.


Learn happily while having fun


Discover your potential through elective courses


Discover and bolster your ability


Support and encourage your talent


Support and encourage your talent

Students’ identity

As Thailand’s leading school, Satit Pattana Secondary School fosters students to be creative, democratic, confident, well – rounded, positive, and able to communicate in the international level.

Creative leader

Pro – Democracy

Well – rounded with life skills

Think Positive

International communicator

The Board of Director

Satit Pattana Secondary School

Teachers OnDemand